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BSkyB starts in Ukraine

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BSkyB has signed a long-term contract with a Ukrainian company GlobalLogic to develop and support products that provide operations and broadcasting.

The team will be located in Kiev, and consist of 50 highly skilled developers, testers and system administrators and the ability to maintain the system and investigate the problem of codes and scripts.

Curiously, that placing the project will be modified in accordance with the requirements of BSkyB, which is as much a TV connected to broadcasting BSkyB in every workplace. Plus many screens throughout the office GlobalLogic, which displays television, the Internet portal, the status of all internal systems in real time.


BSkyB - a company, a leading DTH provider in the UK and serves more than 9 million subscribers, including 2 million in Internet connection, and 2 million phone users. The company employs more than 16000 people, 2008 turnover for the year amounted to more than $ 5 billion


Several years ago, SKY set himself the task of monetized its advanced Web development, namely the portal www.sky.com, www.skysports.com, and improve self-service, using modern Web technologies. To do so, significantly reduce the time required to develop and implement solutions. To meet this challenge, Didier Lebrat, Director of Technology, invited Colin McQuade, who earlier worked in the European parts of the AOL and Yahoo as the CTO.


The strategy was the replacement of Colin processes based on heavy-CMMI, ITIL methodologies to Agile, the substantial increase in the use of open platforms and technologies LAMP. At the same time, Colin has set a target of increasing the availability of applications in real time up to 99.9995%.


It would seem that the revolution is doomed to failure. But after a year, interim results showed a highly successful new approach, and the company had decided to significantly expand the application of new methodology proved successful in pilot projects. In order to solve this problem within a limited time, the company decided to bring the cooperation outsourcing company, which is the strength of the Agile. As a result, the tender was chosen GlobalLogic general partner and in the next few years, GlobalLogic, together with BSkyB to resolve this interesting and challenging task.



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