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The Dynamo Kiev to open its own TV channel.

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Football club «Dinamo» (Kiev) plans to create its own satellite TV channel club «Dynamo Kiev TV» based on the same television production studio. About

«Telekritika» the director of media center FC «Dinamo» Sergey Polhovsky, who has developed his creative vision and business plan. He said last year's top-management «Dinamo» welcomed the draft club television. A recently Sergei Polhovsky give the club president Igor Surkis detailed business plan. The decision to start work on the project can be made in August.


Recall that a football club has its own production studios «Dynamo Kiev TV», which produces the program «100% Dinamo», which appeared on the television «Megasport», "1+1 International", «Inter+», «Era». It is estimated that at the start of TV needs about 3 million dollars. Subsequently to the broadcaster needed 700-800 thousand dollars a year.


Running «Dynamo Kiev TV» depends on the final management decision, and start funding the club. «How will the agreement to begin work on obtaining a license. We expect to begin broadcasting, through the 9-10 months from the date of consent management and financing of start », - said Mr. Polhovsky.

According to optimistic forecasts, the channel can technically take 3 million households in Europe and North America. Plan to distribute the TV signal from

the satellite Sirius.


«We have been negotiating with Victor Samoilenko to use the satellite platform "Poverkhnost" surface for uplink and distribute the signal to cable networks.

Last autumn, we are in contact with the Ukrainian cable operators and obtained agreement in principle for all », - told Sergei Polhovsky. There is also a tentative agreement cable operators of Russia, and soon will meet with representatives of Moldova.


«Dynamo Kiev TV» plans to broadcast 24 hours a day, broadcasting transmission range (including repeats), as do such other channels. «We can give every day 4-6 hours of their own product updates, including the conversational programs, football games from up to match and after match scenes and discussions, daily training, archival video, which we have, pictures of players past interviews. If another channel or production to do something about Dynamo Kiev, then we can buy it. But the count will be 100% domestic production», - underlined Sergey Polhovsky.


Translated by DTH

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