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Digit + or Digital Polsat ? What has a better chanels ?

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For me the best is N (link). They have 9 HD channels.

Their offer is divided by 8/9 packages - information/entertainment (main channels), movies hits (movies/series), culture/science/world (documental), sports and motorization, for children, style/fashion/music (music/lifestyle), HBO (premium), Cinemax (premium), Filmbox (premium), or HBO/Cinemax



Now is promotion and all channels are for 38pln by 4 months.


You can also order TnK (telewizja na kartę) with 20 main and ~15 free channels by 10-16pln/month and Canal+ package with the bests movies, series and sports by 19.5pln/month (SD) or 22.5pln/month (HD). Problem is that, you must to buy special receiver like this (link) or this to run two offers on one receiver.

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@ Qrzysztof

I N are small packcages .One package cost 16 zl. In one packeges is only 9-12 channels .2 packages and one inforamtion packege cost togheter 38zł .It cost more than Family Packcage in Digital Polsat . In Family package is more channels than in this 3 packages of N.

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It depends what is important for you. For me not quantity, but content (and quality) is preferred.

If you need as much channels as possible in lowest price (content and quality is not important) - subscribe Cyfrowy Polsat.

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