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NC+ for Cryptobox 600 HD

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Hi, sorry for english language. 

We often have polish visitors and I want to use this receiver for NC+.

Anybody can say which software shall I install?

The channels don't work with original software and some patched software I tried... :-(

Thanks a lot

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Which nc+ card do You have? nc+ has got currently 3 card types on market: Conax (partially paired with box) and 2xNagra (one paired, one not paired). Only not paired Nagra (ex Seca) card will work in Cryptobox.

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Thanks a lot for your answer! I just recently bought the NC+ card (without a receiver): http:// :censored:

In the title it says "Conax".

How can I know which type it is? I will contact now also the dealer. Maybe he knows.

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No links for an auction services on this forum.
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This is a "Smart HD+" card. It's not a full offer of nc+ platform. It's a smaller pre-paid package contains some nc+ channels. The card of that package is not paired with receiver.

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Ohh, I don't now. I can't help you about this.

I'm using a Ferguson receiver, one of most popular in Poland.

I have a Smart HD+ card too. This card is working very well with my receiver, directly in card slot. :)

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