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  1. https://www.androidtv-guide.com/pay-tv-provider/europe-middle-east-africa Android TV 4K Box?
  2. Not related to Canal+, more to Android TV, but the TiVo Poland Team is behind the just announced TiVo Stream 4K dongle : https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6621137927940390912-xk6L Cheers !
  3. They were showing at lease 3 set-top boxes that weren't supposed to be out yet. The Canal+ (Poland), the izzi (Mexico) and the True Hybrid (Thailand). Trust me they didn't seem to bother that much. It's just that they didn't know well what was at their booth it seems. I'll ask a few contacts to confirm if it's DVB-S or T, I'll come back later. Cheers guys !
  4. I'll speak in English as I'm the one who took the pictures at IBC, sorry I don't know Polish. It's probably Skyworth who made a mistake with the info shown on the paper. They told me it was DVB-S and that it was for Canal+ France. I was as bit skeptical so I checked the set-top box and saw the sticker was in Polish. Indeed the paper said DVB-T, but the Chinese Sales at the Skyworth Booth didn't know a lot of info and got a bit confused I guess.
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