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  1. Most likely there will be 'MTV 00s" instead of "Club MTV Int." closer to 2022 year
  2. Good idea, but the British branch of VIACOM will ruin everything again. But it should not be forgotten that 00s are also classics, because it is 2020 now. Therefore, I suggest this idea: MTV 20th - clips of the 20th century (instead of MTV 80s and MTV 90s) MTV 21th - clips of the 21th century (instead of VH1 Europe) But again, these channels should not be operated by the British branch.
  3. Today MTV Germany showed "R.I.P. Edward Van Halen" block instead of the last hour of "Back for the Good".
  4. Even though I was born in 1993, I have an association "MTV 90s = Party Zone, Chill Out Zone, Alternative Nation". I am familiar with the format of these above blocks from VHS rips from the MTV Europe channel on YouTube, and I also had the opportunity to watch the MTV Adria in 2016-2017. Unfortunately, the British branch has an association "MTV 90s = Pop music from the British charts", which contradicts my association and musical tastes. Therefore, MTV90s, in the state it is in now, is not of interest to me.
  5. It's depends on geolocation of VIACOM's branch, which manage the VH1 Classic/MTV 80s. The Polish branch worked conscientiously in 2007-2012, while the British one was constantly loafing around since 2012. I wrote about it earlier here
  6. You will no longer see other videoclips with MTV Europe's strap. The British VIACOM only has 2 clips of the 80s with MTV Strap. And these clips have already been shown on MTV 80s yesterday and the day before yesterday
  7. I hope tonight they will show "Van Halen videography" instead of "Greatest Rock 80s! Play It Loud!" due to death of group founder Edward Van Halen
  8. They are unlikely to take Basia, Modern Talking, etc. from that Polish base of 2007-2012, because the British VIACOM is "afraid" to broadcast videoclips with MTV Strap ("Harrison - When We Was Fab" and "Prince - Raspberry Beret" are "drops into the sea"). Rather, there will be standart copies without MTV Europe's design. But it takes time to clean them from snow, noise and other artifacts through image editors. Perhaps they are doing this now and in the future we will see these clips too.
  9. "Pulp - Common People", but no "Pulp - Disco 2000". I saw it with MTV Strap on MTV Adria in summer 2016
  10. The first episode of "electric 80s!" turned out good! It's a shame they didn't show Yello, S-Express, Art Of Noise, Coldcut, Bomb The Bass, etc. I hope these performers will be shown in the next episodes.
  11. Nothing new. I first saw this video with MTV Strap on the VH1 Classic channel "We are The 80s" in November 2015
  12. The picture quality seems to be better on MTV 80s than on MTV 90s.🤔
  13. Changed color of block name (it happened nearly 11:40 CET) UPD: What a surprise! It was nearly 13:50 CET
  14. Why does their logo in the strap differ from the stripe on the right in color?
  15. Ok. We will wait for a list of rare video clips from you!
  16. Over the past few days on "Back For Good" I've seen rare things for modern MTV: Captain Jack - Drill Instructor Mr. President - I Give You My Heart Das Modul - Kleine Maus Lucilectric - Madchen RMB - Spring Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy Dune - I Can't Stop Raving
  17. Don't expect a "miracle" from the new MTV 80s and MTV 90s TV channels. It is unlikely that the UK branch of ViacomCBS will improve its music base. Most likely there will be VH1 Classic's "Smells like the 90s" on MTV Rocks in late September without transition into grunge and metal format, etc.
  18. It is now a clone of MTV Hits or MTV Music
  19. I would like to believe that they will try to make a reconstruction of MTV Europe of the 90s with such programs as Party Zone, Alternative Nation, Chill Out Zone, taking digitized videos that were broadcast on MTV Adria and also videos from early VH1 Classic (2007-2012). But there is little hope for this, we know the abilities of the VIACOM's employees and we know their laziness ...
  20. In our country, VH1 Classic broadcasts via satellite and cable, but there's little use. These disgusting "16+" and "anti-smoking" blobs, which appeared in October 1, 2013, are annoy me. If I want watch a series of european musical MTVs (including VH1), I find links with pure image (without 16+) on the Internet and look these channels through them. Boycott versions of TV channels with "16+"!
  21. I think this "MTV 90s" will the same channel as "MTV 90s UK", which broadcasted in June 2016 on MTV Classic UK frequencies
  22. Maybe "Club MTV Europe" will transform into "MTV 00s" in future
  23. There were some interesting moments at MTV 80s Weekend. Firstly, these are clips of the 90s and 00s, which for some unknown reason were on this weekend. Secondly, there are some rarities taken from the MTV (yesterday) and VIVA (today) databases.
  24. Is "MTV Germany 80s Weekend" a promo of "MTV 80s Europe" which will be in October?😀
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