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  1. Ok. We will wait for a list of rare video clips from you!
  2. Over the past few days on "Back For Good" I've seen rare things for modern MTV: Captain Jack - Drill Instructor Mr. President - I Give You My Heart Das Modul - Kleine Maus Lucilectric - Madchen RMB - Spring Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy Dune - I Can't Stop Raving
  3. Don't expect a "miracle" from the new MTV 80s and MTV 90s TV channels. It is unlikely that the UK branch of ViacomCBS will improve its music base. Most likely there will be VH1 Classic's "Smells like the 90s" on MTV Rocks in late September without transition into grunge and metal format, etc.
  4. It is now a clone of MTV Hits or MTV Music
  5. I would like to believe that they will try to make a reconstruction of MTV Europe of the 90s with such programs as Party Zone, Alternative Nation, Chill Out Zone, taking digitized videos that were broadcast on MTV Adria and also videos from early VH1 Classic (2007-2012). But there is little hope for this, we know the abilities of the VIACOM's employees and we know their laziness ...
  6. In our country, VH1 Classic broadcasts via satellite and cable, but there's little use. These disgusting "16+" and "anti-smoking" blobs, which appeared in October 1, 2013, are annoy me. If I want watch a series of european musical MTVs (including VH1), I find links with pure image (without 16+) on the Internet and look these channels through them. Boycott versions of TV channels with "16+"!
  7. I think this "MTV 90s" will the same channel as "MTV 90s UK", which broadcasted in June 2016 on MTV Classic UK frequencies
  8. Maybe "Club MTV Europe" will transform into "MTV 00s" in future
  9. There were some interesting moments at MTV 80s Weekend. Firstly, these are clips of the 90s and 00s, which for some unknown reason were on this weekend. Secondly, there are some rarities taken from the MTV (yesterday) and VIVA (today) databases.
  10. Is "MTV Germany 80s Weekend" a promo of "MTV 80s Europe" which will be in October?😀
  11. Maybe their goal is to eliminate the European versions of MTV following the British versions of MTV during this year. At least MTV Rocks will go down into history this year
  12. What do you want from an awful management? Big musical brand, big musical archive - and it will flushed down the toilet. MTV Europe, VH1 Europe and VH1 Classic Europe only will remain soon in Europe. Later VH1 Europe will be closed too, and VH1 Classic Europe will turn into MTV Classic Europe (with british-focused music😞)
  13. I disagree with you. What about german Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue; austrian Opus, etc? They were very popular too. In my opinion, if this is vh1 classic EUROPE, then this channel should show all popular european music firstly. Earlier, this channel showed Modern Talking, Bad Boys Blue and many other perfomances thanks to polish command with Jacek Fudala (fix me, if I wrote this name with mistakes). I would like the same musical variety now, especially when the channel belongs to Pay TV. About 00s: I like 80s and 90s more than 00s, but they’re doing right, because it’s old music too (as of 2020). I remember closed MTV Adria. I watched this channel in 2016-2017 very often. In 2015-2017 they increased their musical base in Party Zone, Chill Out Zone, Alternative Nation. Many videos from these blocks have bad quality on youtube, some of these clips are not available on the internet. Unfortunately, they decide to close this channel... P.S. In my opinion, two best VIACOM's music channels from last 5-6 years were : VH1 Polska (before october 2015) and MTV Adria (before july 2017)
  14. The channel must be withdrawn from the UK into another country. Otherwise, the clips base will not get better than now. British VIACOM can't make quality music channels at last decade.
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