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  1. Fixed MIS at 5.0 W and diseqc with the new ALT-DVB version(Dev_BdaDriver,which will be released soon. Tested 16in/1out (toroidal) switch with diseqc uncommitted Updated BDA interface for AltDVB 2.3(Dev_BdaDriver – Version download from here added DiSEqC, PLS & MIS support for TBS PCI-E devices fixed DiSEqC for TBS USB devices
  2. The Diseqc function will be resolved on the next Alt-DVB version.
  3. For now,MIS transponders at 5.0W can be scanned with CrazyCat's BDA Interface(v. until the next version of Alt-DVB.
  4. Indeed,Mr. Orbita,2020 has made a fantastic debut for those with dvb cards😀 Another early-year gift also comes from the Spanish Christian who updated his EBSpro ,which we thought would remain at 2017 level when he dropped out of his app.Moreover, it is offered free of charge to those interested in using it! 😀 EBSpro reached version http://ebspro.net/download/ (beta) [3 jan 2020] - New installer. - Move the Ini file handling code to a new library (https://github.com/Cjcr/inifile-vb-csharp) - Added initial support to import INI files of transponders from third party applications. - Added PotPlayer Auto-Config for media players (https://potplayer.daum.net/) - Added MPC-BE Auto-Config for media players (https://sourceforge.net/projects/mpcbe/) - Some improvements in TSGrabber UI. - Extend rolloff, modulations and FEC list (mainly for DVB-S2X) - Maximum symbol rate increased to 70000 Ks. - Remove Combo from PLS Mode list. - Sometimes "Add" new scan range button doesn't work. Fixed. - Some improvements handling satellite profiles. - Fixes in copy to clipboard code. - Workaround to detect x64 apps in Auto-Config. - StreamReader updated to version - Some minor improvements and fixes. Kind regards
  5. Happy New Year 2020 to all 😀 Because ALT-DVB topic is closed, I have to open a new one,because a new 2.3 version of this player was released today by its author,@Altx(ro). It can be downloaded from the Alt-DVB website: https://www.altx.ro/2020/01/v23/ v2.3 (2020-01-04) Application: – added support for HEVC – added support for AAC,AAC-LATM and EAC3 – added support for EVR – Enhanced Video Renderer – experimental built-in support for PLS and MIS.Currently only for TBS devices using my Dev_BdaDriver.int. – simplified directshow config – portable: doesn’t use registry to store settings, run as standard user (without admin rights) – new version of DvbAvSrc.ax, used directly, does NOT need to be registered in the system using regsvr32.exe – added support for “internal” directshow decoders (only LAV filters, for now) – some optimization in TS packets demuxer & A/V stream path – removed some unused/obsolete features (SDX files & coverage images,…) – new directory structure.(files from dir. [SatFiles] moved to \Channels, \Configs, \Transponders) – new file format for channel list. – new file format for transponders with saving informations about signal – channel search by name moved above list – new options for better filtering channel list – introduced kHz precision for frequencies – external config file for CA names – added more MODCODE’s and Roll-off values – fixed a lot of bugs, added new ones 🙂 Old Non-BDA interfaces: * New: Dev_TTBudget.dll – need drv. 2.19h (28.11.2006) – you have to copy “ttlcdacc.dll” (ver. >= into ..\AltDvb\Devices\ – tested with S2-3200 * Dev_SkyStar2: – fixed DiSEqC command when using driver >= 4.4.0 – built without VCL
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