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  1. BDA interface wrapper for AltDVB v2.3 v - 2020.01.07 - CrazyCat - Fix version string. - PLP setting support for DVB-T2. https://github.com/crazycat69/AltBDA2/releases/tag/v0.2.3.2
  2. Need only info about device interface extensions comparing with 2.2 This defined in dll.h - https://github.com/crazycat69/AltBDA2/blob/master/Sources/Dll.h Look like extended TUNE_DATA (+ISI/PLP, PLS) and FEC, ROLLOFFS enums
  3. Good news Dev_TTBudget.int, Dev_SkyStar2.int not found. Look like device driver interface was extended comparing with 2.2 and and BDA2 interface not work propertly
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